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MulticastInst Class

Provides access to the configurable options for the IP Multicast transport.
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Namespace:  OpenDDSharp.OpenDDS.DCPS
Assembly:  OpenDDSharp (in OpenDDSharp.dll) Version:
public class MulticastInst : TransportInst

The MulticastInst type exposes the following members.

Public methodMulticastInst
Creates a new instance of MulticastInst.
Public propertyAsyncSend
Sending using asynchronous I/O on Windows platforms that support it. The default value is false.
Public propertyDatalinkControlChunks
The number of chunks used to size allocators for transport control samples. The default value is 32.
(Inherited from TransportInst.)
Public propertyDatalinkReleaseDelay
Delay in milliseconds that the datalink should be released after all associations are removed. The default value is 10 seconds.
(Inherited from TransportInst.)
Public propertyDefaultToIpv6
Enables IPv6 default group address selection. By default, this option is disabled (false).
Public propertyGroupAddress
The multicast group to join to send/receive data. The default value is: [IANA 2009-11-17], or [FF01::80]:port [IANA 2009-08-28]
Public propertyIsReliable
Indicates whether the transport is reliable or not.
Public propertyLocalAddress
If non-empty, address of a local network interface which is used to join the multicast group.
Public propertyMaxPacketSize
The maximum size of a transport packet, including its transport header, sample header, and sample data. The default value is 2147481599.
(Inherited from TransportInst.)
Public propertyMaxSamplesPerPacket
Maximum number of samples in a transport packet. The default value is 10.
(Inherited from TransportInst.)
Public propertyNakDelayIntervals
The number of intervals between nak's for a sample after initial nak. The default value is 4.
Public propertyNakDepth
The number of datagrams to retain in order to service repair requests (reliable only). The default value is 32.
Public propertyNakInterval
The minimum number of milliseconds to wait between repair requests (reliable only). The default value is 500.
Public propertyNakMax
The maximum number of a missing sample will be nak'ed. The default value is: 3.
Public propertyNakTimeout
The maximum number of milliseconds to wait before giving up on a repair response (reliable only). The default value is: 30000 (30 seconds).
Public propertyName
Gets the configuration's name.
(Inherited from TransportInst.)
Public propertyOptimumPacketSize
Optimum size (in bytes) of a packet (packet header + sample(s)). The default value is 4096.
(Inherited from TransportInst.)
Public propertyPortOffset
The default port number (when GroupAddress is not set) The default value is 49152 [IANA 2009-11-16].
Public propertyQueueInitialPools
The initial number of pools for the backpressure queue. The default value is 5.
(Inherited from TransportInst.)
Public propertyQueueMessagesPerPool
Number of pre-created link (list) objects per pool for the "send queue" of each DataLink. The default value is 10.
(Inherited from TransportInst.)
Public propertyRcvBufferSize
The size of the socket receive buffer. The default value is ACE_DEFAULT_MAX_SOCKET_BUFSIZ if it's defined, otherwise, 0. If the value is 0, the system default value is used.
Public propertyReliable
Enables reliable communication. The default value is true.
Public propertySynBackoff
The exponential base used during handshake retries; smaller values yield shorter delays between attempts. The default value is 2.0.
Public propertySynInterval
The minimum number of milliseconds to wait between handshake attempts during association. The default value is 250.
Public propertySynTimeout
The maximum number of milliseconds to wait before giving up on a handshake response during association. The default value is 30000 (30 seconds).
Public propertyThreadPerConnection
Enable or disable the thread per connection send strategy. By default, this option is disabled (false).
(Inherited from TransportInst.)
Public propertyTransportType
Type of the transport; tcp, udp, multicast, shmem, and rtps_udp are included with OpenDDSharp.
(Inherited from TransportInst.)
Public propertyTtl
The value of the time-to-live (ttl) field of any datagrams sent. The default value of one means that all data is restricted to the local network.
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The multicast transport provides unifed support for best-efort and reliable delivery based on a transport confguration parameter.

Best-efort delivery imposes the least amount of overhead as data is exchanged between peers, however it does not provide any guarantee of delivery. Data may be lost due to unresponsive or unreachable peers or received in duplicate.

Reliable delivery provides for guaranteed delivery of data to associated peers with no duplication at the cost of additional processing and bandwidth. Reliable delivery is achieved through two primary mechanisms: 2-way peer handshaking and negative acknowledgment of missing data.

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