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InstanceStateKind Structure

Indicates if the samples are from a live DataWriter or not.

Namespace:  OpenDDSharp.DDS
Assembly:  OpenDDSharp (in OpenDDSharp.dll) Version:
public struct InstanceStateKind

The InstanceStateKind type exposes the following members.

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Public methodToString
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Public fieldStatic memberAliveInstanceState
Indicates that:
  • Samples have been received for the instance
  • There are live DataWriter entities writing the instance
  • The instance has not been explicitly disposed (or else more samples have been received after it was disposed)
Public fieldStatic memberNotAliveDisposedInstanceState
Indicates the instance was explicitly disposed by a DataWriter by means of the Delete operation.
Public fieldStatic memberNotAliveNoWritersInstanceState
Indicates the instance has been declared as not-alive by the DataReader because it detected that there are no live DataWriter entities writing that instance.
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