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PublisherBeginCoherentChanges Method

Requests that the application will begin a 'coherent set' of modifications using DataWriter objects attached to the Publisher. The 'coherent set' will be completed by a matching call to EndCoherentChanges.

Namespace:  OpenDDSharp.DDS
Assembly:  OpenDDSharp (in OpenDDSharp.dll) Version:
public ReturnCode BeginCoherentChanges()

Return Value

Type: ReturnCode
The ReturnCode that indicates the operation result.

A 'coherent set' is a set of modifications that must be propagated in such a way that they are interpreted at the receivers' side as a consistent set of modifications; that is, the receiver will only be able to access the data after all the modifications in the set are available at the receiver end.

A connectivity change may occur in the middle of a set of coherent changes; for example, the set of partitions used by the Publisher or one of its Subscribers may change, a late-joining DataReader may appear on the network, or a communication failure may occur. In the event that such a change prevents an entity from receiving the entire set of coherent changes, that entity must behave as if it had received none of the set.

These calls can be nested. In that case, the coherent set terminates only with the last call to EndCoherentChanges.

The support for 'coherent changes' enables a publishing application to change the value of several data-instances that could belong to the same or different topics and have those changes be seen 'atomically' by the readers. This is useful in cases where the values are inter-related (for example, if there are two data-instances representing the 'altitude' and 'velocity vector' of the same aircraft and both are changed, it may be useful to communicate those values in a way the reader can see both together; otherwise, it may e.g., erroneously interpret that the aircraft is on a collision course).

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